Elsie Tjihahura

Kamanjab, 2015




I have heard from the elders

about those piles of stones.

He was the one playing ||gamis

[ a non-healing dance] - The dance of Haiseba.

When people look at him [the preying mantis] he goes to sit on a rock.

When Haiseb comes people say "Our Lord is coming, and it is the Lord with the long knees." The people do not know about the real God. They do the service for him as the Lord.

Haiseb is: ǂgo tsi ||goabe - 'sitting with the knees up'.

When Haiseb was here on earth it was a long time ago and people were just staying in caves. He was like a Lord. People said, "let's go to the Haiseb so that we can hear the truth". He was a !gaiob [healer]. He xoma [sucked sickness] the people and saw the truth. He was the King. People just believed him.

I just heard that he is the preying mantis. He was King and all believed in him.

If we heard a strange sound in the veld but we could not see what made it, it was Haiseb. I was told by my grandfathers and grandmothers . It was a long time ago. Haiseb is KIng. She does not even know which mouth he is speaking. I do not know I am not a person in the veld. In the past the Haiseb sounds big but he is very small.



Praying Mantis

Lord of the Long Knees

Elsie Tjihahura

Tsui ||Goab is Elob. Up to now we must not say God's name so we say Tsui ||Goab. He is also Abo, or |Gamirob or Tutab, the one who makes the rain fall.

Tsui ||Goab means a person you respect, who you cannot call by their name. It is like a King, you place your hands on your knees, or you kneel for the King. You kneel on your knees.

He could change into a person, then become a xoma aob [healer who sucks out sickness].

Haiseb did not tell the truth so the people switched to the real God. When the prophets came they believed the God in the heaven.

When she sees a praying mantis she chases him away.

He was one of the people that played tricks on you, like ǂgama-goma. It was the time when animals were talking and people did not eat them. Now we eat them. Haiseb would eat them so his is like a cannibal.

In the past even the Klipdassie spoke. Klipdassie had  children. She was a friend of Lion and  and she  went far to collect food, leaving her children with Lion. Lion ate the children. When she came back Klipdassie asked for the children and Lion said he did not know where they are. They are playing.

A person who eats Klipdassie also eats people. They call them cannibals. They are still around in other countries. One came here on a contract. He did not want to eat goat, so they sent him back.

Ostrich, |ami,  was the first healer. Lion was also a xoma.

Tita Haise da ne ǂûna mû tsî ra ||o-||osen da, tita ||o tsî ra ||o-!ga da.

I am a Haiseb, I saw this food and make myself death. I am death but I am alive.