Future Pasts 2014-2019

Tracking a Namibian folk hero of the KhoeSan


This site is by Dr. Chris Low 

It is a sister site to: https://www.futurepasts.net

and http://thinkingthreads.com/blog/

I am a broad based academic (osteopath, archaeologist, historian of medicine, anthropologist). I have been working with KhoeSan since 1999 on issues of  healing and human / environment relationships.

The material in this site is largely the result of an AHRC funded project, Future Pasts, AH/k005871/2, led by Prof. Sian Sullivan, 2014-2019. 

I thank the AHRC, Bath Spa University and the FP team for this great opportunity.

Museum Director, !Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre, Yzerfontein, Western Cape, South Africa: khwattuheritage.org

Research Affiliate Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford

Director, Thinking Threads: thinking threads.com

CONTACT: chris@thinkingthreads.com


Contact: chris@thinkingthreads.com

I am based in Oxford and London whilst also spending months each year in southern Africa.

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